When Miss Foozie was a little boy she liked other people. She had lots of friends in school and from a very young age Miss Foozie was a character. She made people laugh. Before she knew it, several summers had passed by, and It was time for Miss Foozie to branch out into the "big city." She packed her bags and moved to Chicago. Certain that the city had a lot to offer Miss Foozie and that Miss Foozie had a great deal more to offer the world, Miss Foozie began a career in customer service. Travelling' downtown every day working' 9 to 5. Miss Foozie was a great worker (as you would expect) but too often the job wasn't as satisfying as Miss Foozie had hoped it would be. Something was missing. She wanted to reach out to more people. She didn't want to just talk on the telephone. There had to be something more…

Miss Foozie was getting older. No matter how she tried to avoid it; her birthday was coming (actually Miss Foozie loves her birthday). This year was going to be special. There was a new bar opening on Halsted Street called "Circuit." Very few people knew about it and it certainly wasn't a fancy place. They had rags hanging where bathroom walls are today and the bars were made of wooden handy-work. "Can I have my birthday party here?" Miss Foozie asked. I want a place that's big! I want to invite all of my friends. I want to have a cake...and food for everyone. Well Miss Foozie had no shortage of friends so they all pulled together. They decorated, made food (potluck), and, of course, they got a cake, or two! She passed out invitations to everyone she knew (and even some people that she didn't know). Miss Foozie was going to come out for the first time. She wanted to surprise all of her friends. She wanted to make them laugh. She wanted to make them remember her.

Miss Foozie also happened to have friends who had a beautiful dress that she could wear. They had shoes, jewelry, and even a wig. Miss Foozie was beautiful! She laughed! Miss Foozie had never seen herself this way before. Miss Foozie's friends had never seen her this way before. Miss Foozie was funny! She had her debut! What was her song? I don't remember - but Oh she was funny!

The birthday party was a huge success. All of Miss Foozie's friends had a great time. Miss Foozie was never the same again. Miss Foozie had found something that made her happy. She had found something that made people laugh. She had found something truly special. Miss Foozie was born! Today, Miss Foozie is not a "drag queen"; Miss Foozie is a "personality." She is funny! She'll make you laugh. She will also love you because Miss Foozie loves people. She always does.